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vKaeli Jensen is a big surprise in a small package. Lovely and poised,

she radiates a genuine light that  can

only come from within.  A singer/

songwriter/composer, Kaeli  has been performing  her own music from her first self-titled CD from the time she wrote her  first song at a very young age. 


Since then she has written  many more and is finishing up her second CD titled  “Glitter.”



Possessing a unique voice, creating  a  sound that only Kaeli Jensen can produce, you won't want to miss this wonderfully talented performer!


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Recently, Kaeli’s song, Pause Button, has been in the top 20 in the charts for 16 straight weeks! On the Indie Top 40, she reached the number 5 spot; on the New Music Weekly Chart she reached the number 14 spot! 

Listen to it on her Song page!

Kaeli’s new CD “Glitter” will be available for sale and download soon!!